broken pillar cactus???

emerald1951July 12, 2009

Hi all,

I have a pillar cactus and it got hit by a football and broke there any saving it...

I don't know what the name is or anything about it..

Its just a cactus that I got along time ago...

its about or was about 8 inches tall and about as big arround as a pop can...kinda light green with spines..

I know this is not much info, but I thought maybe ... someone might be able to help...

thanks for any and for taking the time to read my post...


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That's OK - we get questions about cacti getting hit by footballs all of the time.

Let it dry for several days, then put it onto soil that it can root into. Give it the same conditions as before, and mist it every day or so until it's rooted again. This should be in several weeks.

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