Reintroduction/Agave ID

aloefreak1(8 AZ)July 30, 2012

I have been been on this forum for a few years now but have not been on due to moving, school, ect. I just wanted to reintroduce myself to everyone and hopefully get a few tips for my new climate as well as show off my 2 week old collection! I just moved from Alaska and down to Arizona around the Tucson area (currently in monsoon season) and wanted to know if any of you AZ growers had tips/heads ups as far as weather and growing here. My recently started collection consists of a few basic Aloe, a random Agave and some Dracaena.

Here are some pictures of my newly aquired Aloe/Agave (sorry for the bad quality pics, took 'em fast).

Aloe Marlothii (I know it's a bad angle, but about how old is it)

An Aloe Nobilis(..?) I just picked up today, Loving all the pups

Aloe Dichotoma

a small Agave a neighbor gave me, Could anyone give me an ID?

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Hello Aloe,

Alaska to Arizona? WOW!!! Thats crazy, the move I mean.

Welcome back to the site and hope all went well in school I imagine you didnt go to school for your collection of aloes huh, lol...

Anyways they do look nice and it looks like your off to a good start for only 2 weeks, I cant wait to see it after 2 months :)

As far as the plant you asked about age I'd say 3 years but then thats just a guess because for me it all depends on the soil and stuff like heat, shade, water and fertilizer you know stuff like that.

I'll keep and eye out to learn what others have to say about your aloes so long.


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I wonder if that's A. titanota?

The aloe looks similar to one I have, which I also think is A. nobilis, but it would be nice to have this confirmed. It's flowering now. Sorry for the blurry flowers!

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May get a better id on the agave if you post a picture of the mother plant.

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Welcome back! :D the move from alaska to arizona must have been intense ... what was it like moving from cold to burning hot?

If you collect at a pace i did, you will have more than a thousand in a few years ... im sure they have nice cactus shows in arizona, you should go check those out. They usually have incredible stuff there ...

And go see the giant saguaros ... i really want to see those ( ._.)

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aloefreak1(8 AZ)

- Greg
Thanks! I'm so excited to see what I can add to my collection in just a couple months. Hopefully on my next trip to Tucson I'll end up at B&B Cactus Farms!

Nice flowers Linda! coming from AK I never got to experience any flowers on my aloes (or growth for that matter) but coming down here I'm almost certain I'll be seeing some next year. I also found a dead flower stalk on my Nobilis this morning so that's always reassuring!

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aloefreak1(8 AZ)

I'll try and get a pic of the mother soon! In the meantime I'll also work on getting it a better pot haha.

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aloefreak1(8 AZ)

Thanks! Moving from cold to hot was great, much better than moving from hot to cold lol. I'm hoping they do! I can't wait to check out a cactus show. And as far as the giant saguaros go, they are amazing, some of them are unbelievably huge! still trying to find the perfect two armed one though ahaha

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Aloe, you will be able to grow a lot more aloes outside than me now in beautiful Arizona and I'm sure you'll see lots of flowers. Only a few are marginally hardy for me here.

By the way, years ago I lived/worked in the Yukon as a co-op student and I still miss it!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Yes, and one can have a WINTER GARDEN. Wonders never cease!!

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