Didierea madagascariensis

houstonpat(9a)July 29, 2012

My Didierea is nearing the height limit of my greenhouse at about 8ft. It's still a single stem. Can it be cut, say half way down the stem(trunk)?? Would the top part root? Would the lower part make multiple sprouts??

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Show us a picture, and yes, I think it would. I've rooted its cousins' cuttings with little problem - straight pumice and lots of heat. If you can put the potted cuttings on cement you should have them rooted in a month or so.

I've never seen one that tall, but you'd have the climate for it. Has it ever flowered for you?

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Here's a pic. I have not seen a flower. How close was the cousin you rooted?

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What a magnificent long, tall drink of Malagasy - that's one fine plant. It was Alluadias which I rooted cuttings of (specifically the easy one, A. procera) so I was kind of guessing that Didierias would be roughly the same. I had both this and D. trollii in my San Diego collection, but mine ever got near the size of yours. I've now realized I've never seen a Didieria in flower, but I'd guess yours has a few more feet to go. Wow, what a plant. Does it not completely lose its leaves in the winter?

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Some years it will shed its leaves if I let it dry out and get colder. Last year I kept it warmer with a bit of water and it stay in leaf. When I lived in Lemon Grove I grew a fairly large Alluadia. I couldn't move it to Florida so I donated it to the San Diego Wild Animal Park along with some other exotics. In San Diego I tried growing Ocotillo from cuttings without success. I'm not going to cut this one this year. Maybe it'll bloom next year. If so I'll post a photo.

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