soinspired(6 (Central IN))April 29, 2010

I rarely post but do visit this forum almost daily for your valuable expertise. Thank you. I do have several clematis which growing them has been a lot of trial & error but usually good results. I LOVE my clematis. They are such an amazing plant. I've been shopping for unusual clematis to add to my garden and thought about searching on Ebay. I was surprised to see so many available. My question, have any of you ordered from Bloomin' Acres in Arkansas. They seem to have an excellent positive feedback. I have only ordered online for clematis and that was last fall from Donahue's Greenhouse. Their shipment was good. I look forward to your replies and especially if you grow Florida Sieboldii. It appears to be very unique. Thanks.

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seamaid(TX 9b)

I just received three clematis from Bloomin' Acres; they arrived promptly and are very healthy plants. Florida Sieboldii is unusual looking, I wish I could see it in person.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have not ordered on eBay but there was a seller there that ripped off a bunch of people. I hope he has not resurfaced.

I find almost all of mine at local nurseries/sales and have not needed to buy many online.

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eden_in_me(5a Maine)

I got some from there in 2005 or so. Were pretty good, and I think shipping cost were better then than the last time I looked (last Summer). They were Donahue small pots size, but I don't think they were potted. This was around the time I started hanging out at the forums, so I knew to plant them in gallon pots for the first year. Unfortunately the ditch I dug in the field for Winter storage got filled with water from an early thaw and most of them rotted.

Now I dig the potted ones into the place where I want them to grow for the first year.

Marie in ME

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Florida sieboldii is a very frost tender and is difficult to grow. I've lost two that were purchased in gallon pots, I'd never start with a tiny one.

I know the eBay seller who ripped a bunch of people off was named Jerome but can't remember his eBay name.

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Was it the same Jerome who was selling Clematis on this forum???
I never got my order completed and most Geraniums I received from him (his cousin actually) were dead upon arrival.

I did buy a couple of Clematis on Ebay. They were small plants and the price was good. They did not bloom for me yet, so I can't verify that they are true to their names. They supposed to be 'Negritianka' and 'Carmensita'. Both survived this winter. Both look well now. Hope they will bloom for me this year.

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

Thanks so much for your prompt replies. If I decide to order, I'll report their results. I'm also trying to start clematis from cuttings from a friend. I had six root well last fall in my potting shed and lasted thru the winter but then died. What a thrill that will/would be if &/or when I can figure out the trick to doing this. I so look forward to everyone pictures and expertise. Thanks again.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

alina1, yes, "that Jerome" also had/has an eBay seller name and store, I actually think it was more than one eBay seller name. I keep thinking that Koi Gardens was one of the names? Not sure why Koi but perhaps he sold waterlilies too? I could be wrong.

soinspired, do a search for cuttings and you'll find excellent information. Search on this forum only. There are some detailed threads on what works.

Personally, I've found just about any Clematis one could want locally but IF I was going to mail order again (really got burned by Chalk Hill and Wayside) I'd order from Brushwood or Silver Star only. The price difference between their larger plants and tiny starts isn't worth it to me.

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I know I am a minority here, but I was not happy at all with two Clematis I got from Debby. They were much smaller than I expected (root-wise). Also, she used some very loose potting medium, so all soil just fell off and I received basically bareroot plants. The size of the rootballs was about the same as the size of Donahue's Clematis, but I paid 4 times more for them at Silver Star...
I ordered a lot of Clematis from mail order companies. The best plants were from Garden Crossings (not only Clematis). Donahue's Clematis ordered from different sources were always good and costed much less than full size plants.

You are right, Jerome's Ebay name was Koi Gardens.

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Mine from Debbie had at least 4 vines. I will order from her again.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

The eBay username "koigardens" registered in Wisconsin is suspended so not sure if that is the right one. Had no feedback at all from buyers just one seller.

I know, it was koigardenclub wasn't it? Also suspended from eBay. Registered in Minnesota. This is the right one I think feedbacks mention clematis, though there are no recent negs from buyers but if enough filed PayPal claims eBay would have shut him down before they could leave negs, also I know many were strung along way past the sixty day deadline to leave feedback.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

yes, it was "koigardenclub" his name is mentioned in the feedback.

I looked at some Clematis auctions. People are paying more money for starts than I pay for gallons on some of them.

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