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Andy2302July 5, 2014

Hi folks. I noticed a neglected community garden last year while riding the bicycle through the city. It was a High School project the year before then forgotten. It's next to an historic site behind an auto service station in a rough neighborhood.
Three plans have been submitted, all focus around raised beds. The only water is from the service station if we have permission, it's up to the day manager. And 100 feet of hose just to get it to the garden. So basically ~ no easy water.
What is it with raised beds? These folks are ready to spend thousands of dollars on hardscape & plants. I'm offering a few plants and my limited gardening expertise. High schoolers will spend a few days preparing and planting the beds in a few weeks. Yes, July. What can survive the season without water in raised beds? We are in Massachusetts USDA Zone 6A. The garden is 40 X 80 feet.
Here is the garden last month after one dedicated woman spent serious time cleaning it up.

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I know it's slow on holiday weekends but I hoped for some sort of reply by now. This project is a large part of why I joined GW.
I need some place I can be frank with people who have no connection with the project.

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Is there a way to leave this site? It's dead. Just like the garden I was posting. It lives but my association with it does not.
Good bye

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You should post in the regular sectionforums2.gardenweb.com/forums/cornucop/. For some reason, no one responds over here. If anyone tells you to post in the community garden tell them it is dead over there and no one responds. You could still start a very nice fall garden of chard, broccoli, lettuce etc. I would start them indoors because it is probably too hot for the cold stuff but get them strong as seedlings and transplant them. You might get some fall potatoes but it may be too late depending on your freeze dates.

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Thanks, GardenGal but I can't find ~ the regular sectionforums2.gardenweb.com/forums/cornucop/.
The above project tanked.
I'm still looking for a gardening forum. Well, one I can navigate. I can't even find the front door here. I click Forums ~ get a long list.

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