Transplanting Clematis?

paminpa(z6, Pa.)April 16, 2010

I'm sure I've missed this somewhere on the forum, but would someone mind telling me if clematis are hard to transfer to another place after being in the same area for several years? It's not too large yet, about 12 inches tall, and need to do this soon if recommended. I know they can be hard to get rooted initially, so my concern transplanting may not work out too well.


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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Early Spring whilest it's still cool is the best time to transplant your clematis..dormant is even better but since yours has awoken and still just starting you can!!..Have the new hole dug and ready..then dig out about 2 feet wide from the center and dig deep to encompass all the roots you can and move to the new planting hole..If you don't have problems with critters..I highly recommend using bonemeal in the planting hole..really helps to aid the roots and helps against transplant shock... make sure to try and plant a few inches deeper than it's previous home to ensure the roots stay moist..firm the soil very well and water deeply until the water seems to stop sinking in and's very important to stick your finger in the soil around the clematis to make sure it stays moist during its adaption period..once you see it starting to put on new leaves then it is saying it is happy and you can resume your normal watering times...Jeanne

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I have moved many clematis & Jeanne has told you the right way. I only move them in early spring & I have never moved a huge one. I try to get as much of the rootball as I can. Then keep it watered good & it should do good. I have never had a moved clematis die on me & I have moved 8 over the years.

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paminpa(z6, Pa.)

Thanks so much for the great tips!


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dirtgirl07(GA 8)

Hey Jeanne and Mamoo, can I ask another question on this?

After reading your remarks, I'm assuming that one of mine, think it's a Candida, that already has the buds on it shouldn't be moved now??

I have it and another one in pots and they really would be better off in the ground I'm sure.

Thanks, Beth

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Beth...planting from a pot is a lot different than digging up and tranplanting..I would definitely go ahead and plant your "Candida" what I do for absolutely no transplant shock..dig a hole that is about 2-4 inches deeper than the soil line of the pot your "Candida" is in and as wide as the sit the pot in the hole and pack the soil tightly around the pot..firming down well..gently pull out the pot and have yourself a custom dug hole that will fit your clematis like a glove..if you don't have problems with critters ..dust the planting hole will bonemeal and remove clematis from pot and place in your custom sized down and pull soil up and over the top of the old soil of the pot and water in well...I plant this way for everything and rarely have transplant shock...Jeanne

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dirtgirl07(GA 8)

Jeanne, that's an amazing idea! I don't know why I never thought of doing it that way since I read along time ago about digging out a hole and putting an empty pot in it if you can't get a plant transplanted quickly.

I ran out side earlier, in the rain - lol, and did a quick look at the Candida and it has one of the buds opening up. If it is a Candida - not sure. It gets all new growth on the old wood each year and this time it just outgrew the little teepee I created for it to climb on and is sprawling everywhere.

Thanks so much for the help. Now to find a new home for it. Beth

Oh, I went on your thread about your yard/garden - beautiful!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I dig up and move or dig up and give away multiple plants of all kinds pretty much monthly during the growing season. I have six Clems in pots right now that I dug up to plant elsewhere and haven't found elsewhere yet. One was five years old. I have lost two but I wasn't particularly careful with them. They were tanguticas that I wasn't happy with. Everyone else doesn't seem to care, I do use potting soil in the pots not garden soil if I'm not immediately replanting. Every one I've given my friend has lived.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Thank you Beth...Jeanne

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I transplanted Montana Reubens last fall. Huge old plant, bad time of year to do it. But I was frustrated, it had never bothered to bloom for me. It was a massive rootball, I dug between the roots of a tree. The plant didn't fit, so I hacked the roots, shoved it in, breaking off chunks. I was mad fighting with a plant.
Suprise, suprise, its alive and well and halfway up the tree. It better bloom.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Since I don't know how old the Comtesse de Bouchard clemaitis is because it was planted by previous owners..and it blooms beautifully every summer..I think it is best to leave it where she is. Now the Westerplatte is only about 2 or 3 yrs. and has never done that great..maybe I'll try moving that one. Need to think about it thoroughly. Maybe it just needs another year to get established.

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