Grow a Row for Hungry

yummykazSeptember 19, 2003

My son and I grew a bunch of produce over the summer and donated it to a local food bank. We were not real organized as it is just our little donation. But in a few weeks he has the chance to publicize this idea. During his Bar Mitzvah, he can talk about a Mitzvah or "good deed" he did. We make it a point to do good deeds without credit. But this is an opportunity to share an idea.

Does anyone know where I could get a poster and info? I am not looking for info on a specific food bank, but the Grow A Row idea. I am planning on putting this out during our reception with some pictures of my son in the garden.

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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

Hopefully this site will be helpful to you...

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant a Row Grow a Row

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josheug(z8 OR)

Hi Yummykaz,

Good for you! You should be very proud to share the idea at your sons Bar Mitzvah. The project "Plant A Row For The Hungry" was created, in part, by the garden writers association of america. If you go to , there is a lot of useful information on the project and they might even be able to send you plastic plant labels that you could pass out at the bar mitzvah. Good luck and...mazel tov!


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Thanks everyone! My son's Bar Mitzvah was last weekend during our destival of Sukot which is a harvest festival. I laid out on a table pictures of him and his produce he grew, and the things Grow a Row sent to me. I also printed some handouts off their website. My son mentioned this project in his speech.

We had a blessed weekend!


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What a wonderful thing to teach your son. Congratulations!

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nifka(z6a buffalo ny)


that is awesome! maybe you and your son could even organize a group at your synagogue to garden together for that purpose? congratulations to your son.


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IÂve tried to locate a place for extra produce to be distributed since our local senior center changed its food service. The new service will not take donations of any fresh veggies

I then contacted the areaÂs Interfaith Council for suggestions as well as Senior Gleaners. The general response was that if it wasnÂt canned goods - forget it.

IÂd like to hear of your experience with actually being able to find an organization that would take garden produce.


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We donate ours to a free restaurant, they love it. Our company provides land, water, seeds, and we donate the food grown. Usually people go out on their lunch hour and work in it once or twice a week.

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