Am I crazy to try making burg a house plant ?

heygeno(z5 oh)October 15, 2012

I have several that I pot up and store in garage ( z5-6 ). My first year I tried and it filled with (aphids ?) may have been Smites .... as I knew NOTHING about burgs. Next year I pulled all the leaves off but afraid to keep in house.....LAST NIGHT I was ( delirious ?) and brought in a 7' er.....climbed a ladder...... to stick it in a vaulted ceiling area. ( Not totally smart for a (61 YOld). I doused it with alcohol in a sprayer ......I know this is no guarantee....I just needed to confess and get prayers said !

Anyone else obsessed w/ overwintering stuff that maybe should NOT be tried ?

What have you guys tried and were surprised ?


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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

I bring all of my brugs in, I am in zone 5. If you have room, he best thing to do is strip offall the leaves and put them in a dark cool spot to sleep. No bugs to deal with. Water hem about once a month depending on the temperature you keep the house. The warmer, the more you need to water.

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Strip the leaves, spray with Bayer 3-n-1 let dry over-night before bringing them in the house. This will elminate bugs. Good Luck,

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I've brought them in to the house for winter, they bloom lightly all winter if given enough light. Depending on your humidity, I didn't get any bugs on mine!

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