Indoor lime problem.

frpcraigMarch 16, 2013

Hi everyone,great forum,hope you can help............

I was give a healthy indoor lime tree about 2 yrs ago.
In my infinite wisdom I re potted it into a much bigger container. In about a week all the leaves fell off and I thought it was dead. Rather than throw it out I tried to nurse it back to health.
A year later it has a lot of leaves now but with the following problems.............
New growth was horribly deformed and twisted at the end of the leaves, however after a few months these leaves have grown to a normal shape, whilst the smaller leaves are still twisted.
Doing some research on the net I thought it was underfed so last week I gave a thorough watering with a
20-20-20 feed containing all the micronutrients supposedly .
As you can see from the pics the leaves look starved of something and the feed has not changed the colour of them as far as I can tell.
Any ideas??

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could be iron deficiency. but you should use a higher N fertilizer.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

What kind of potting mix did you use?

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John Innes multi purpose compost.
I wondering as the new pot was so much bigger the roots have sat in soggy soil for to long.....

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