Ducks in my pond

basil_davis2(7)June 30, 2008

Some ducks in my pond.

I have been swing with the ducks.

I have a video of the ducks but I not in the video.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ducks In My Pond

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coorscat(6 and 9)

Awesome video! Great ducks in a great pond. Keep us updated with what else shows up

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That's realy cool, Basil! Thank you!

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zigzag, my birth date is September 28 the same as your.

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coorscat, when you going to post picture of your Florida and North Carolina gardens?

A few days ago I was down near my pond. The ducks were swimming. Then they started making noise and went under water fast. Then I saw a shadow in the pond from over head bird. These ducks belong to my neighbor and not able to fly yet. I thought it must be a hawk looking for a duck dinner. But latter that day I saw it was a blue heron.

A few years ago while in the woods near the pond a blue heron almost hit me in the head with the tip of its wing.

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OT to Basil - 9/28 too, huh? Well, guess that means this forum needs to throw us a party this fall! I worked in medical for 20 +/- years - lots of DOB's floating over my desk - and only found TWO others in all that time with 9/28! We are, indeed, a rare breed! :o)

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