We have a big community garden

PacNWestOctober 24, 2005

This is such a lonely forum I thought I would tell you about our garden. Tried to get pictures before we were done for the season but my camera is not the best and they were all so dark you couldn't see much. We have over 40 4'x8' beds and the nearby retirement home has lost their garden spot and they are joining us because we had room. They have added about 15 4'x12 beds. We donate all of the food we grow to a local low income restaurant. The garden is in a large lot next to where I work, we go out on our lunch hour once or twice a week. I have made many new friends working on this project and like that I can give back to some people in my community that need help. I think the biggest benefit is to children who might not normally get the kind of meals they need.

What are all of you doing with your community gardens?

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I don't know of any community gardens around where I live in south Alabama. But I think it's a super idea especially for cities where maybe there isn't much room on people's home property or where people live in apartments.

I read a website that was really packed with lots of information about an "allotment" garden system in Europe. They had several years of journaling and pictures and it was so informative reading about what they were growing, etc.

Just wondering, how many areas in the U.S. have community gardens?

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How is the garden funded? Can you tell me a little more about where you get tools, the kind of business that you work for that encourages this, and also a little more about the restaurant what kind of food they serve. Thanks

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SpoWa(z5 Wa)

My company funds the garden mostly, they own the land. It is their way of giving back to the community. Those of us that volunteer there contribute some things and our tomato and cucumber starts are donated. We also get college student groups helping us with the work, thank goodness. There is often more work than our small group can handle.

The restaurant serves healthy meals to women and children several times a week. We have been told that the veggies are very popular, many of them cannot afford to buy fresh veggies at the store. I have always had a large veggie garden at home and never realized something like that would be out of someones price range.

p.s. I changed my user ID to something more reflective of where I am

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