i need your help

Mike(MD)October 19, 1999

Hi, i am a high school student in Los Angeles. We are doing a

senior project which we are going to redevelope a hill right across our high

school. Our theme is to have more community involvement in helping our

education. We are planning to expand our high school which is woodrow wilson

high school. in out community, we lack important elements that we need for a

better education such as a descent library, recreaton center, and area where

we can have our biology department can conduct experiments and projects. We are interested in building a community garden too to bring the community closer together. We are hoping to build all that but we have no idea on how are we going to do it or how much the cost will be. Hopefully you can assist us in our project

which is of great importance because if we have a good proposal, the city

might even consider of doing it. Thank you for your time a patients. hope to

hear from you soon.

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Try getting the media involved - the more exposure the better. Might also contact some of the gardening clubs to see if they'd "adopt" or sponsor your cause. Volunteer your services to the community, beautification, assisting elderly; anything that will give you positive feedback. Good luck, Ann

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Brenda Close

Check with your county's agriculture extension office. They may be sponsoring a Master Gardeners' program. If so, then they local Master Gardeners may be able to help you. The telephone listing for the extension office may be hard to find, ask your school or public librarian for help. The local Habitat for Humanity may also be able to help you get started. Are there businesses in the area? Many businesses offer partnerships to local schools, with not only money but also other forms of assistance for such projects.

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Karin Kostyzak

WE have a Community Garden adjacent to our school in West LA (Richland Avenue Elementary). It's kind of a nightmare if you don't get it started right. Check your city councilman's office look into Clean and Green, and Garden Angels. Get your Community Garden Rules set out and enforceable before you let anyone start to weed a lot! Ask other Community Gardens if they will share their rules to help get you started. Check with the City to see if you are eligible to receive free manure deliveries. Come on out to our garden on a weekend and I'll give you the run-down if you want. Community involvement is great, kiddo, but has it's price. If you can get the teachers and parents behind you, that might be best. Good luck, keep in contact! KarinK WestLA

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