Community Gardens San Antonio?

vanillalotus(8b)October 9, 2007

Are there any community gardens in san antonio texas. I keep reading that there is a lot but I can't find them. I would like to get a plot. I live in an apartment and would die for a little space of dirt.

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hello vanillalotus, i too am in san antonio and was wondering the same thing...i know i saw where there was one on the westside somewhere, i will check it out and e-mail you

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Nine community gardens have been started by the Bexar Land Trust, they are helping 10 others get started. They also sponsor bi-monthly workshops in Community Development and Community Gardening. Follow the link to find the address.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bexar Land Trust

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Please see Green Space Alliance's map of community gardens in the San Antonio area. You can also post questions or get help on FB at San Antonio Community Gardens Page. We have slowed down our activity, but we are still committed to working with community gardeners! Good Luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Space Alliance

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I found this one on Yahoo, RealFoodSA - anyone have experience with them? I'm really interested in the concept, but don't want to get screwed over! :P

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