Harmful runoff?

kilauea0806October 3, 2006

I'm a beginning gardener and I just leased a plot from my city.

The large garden is divided into several plots lined up in four long rows. The central pathway bisecting the garden is a cemented walkway where garden members can temporarily park to load/unload supplies.

Do I need to be concerned that runoff from that walkway will harm my plants (since my plot is right next to the walkway)? From what I've observed it doesn't seem like many cars drive onto the property, but the paranoid side of my is concerned that I'll be eating that stuff in the veggies I grow.

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If the traffic is light I wouldn't be concerned too much with runoff. Just wash your veggies well. You have a lot more control over what goes into your own veggies than you ever do with what comes out of the supermarket, anyway!
Best of luck to you, hope it all grows well for you.

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