Student seeking interview about community gardens in NYC

MirandaLea(New York)November 29, 2004

My name is Miranda BLoodworth, and I am a student at Pace University in downtown NYC. I am doing a research project on community gardens in the NYC area and would like to interview someone assosiated with a particular garden. If you are, please respond to this posting, or inform somone who can assist me.

Thank you very much,

Miranda Bloodworth

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trini_chaconia(z8 TX)

Hey someone at Brooklyn Botanical Garden...they would have information about people who are associated with community gardens because they do the greenest block competition during the summer and what not...try contacting someone who is associated with the greenbridge project at the garden...hope this helps.

this link should be helpful...goodluck

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Good God, Miranda! If the report is as bludgeoned with as many spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors as your single paragraph above, your report is doomed. :-(


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Bruce_in_ct(6 - CT)

Good God, IronBelly! Did Santa forget to bring what you wanted this year?

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No. I'm Jewish.

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MirandaLea(New York)

Thank you very much for your helpful responses. My paper was a success and I received an A. I apologize for my errors. I am a very busy student and, neglectfully, I did not review my request. However, Ironbelly darling, if you have nothing better to do with your time than read old posts and make unhelpful remarks, then maybe you should find a new hobby. Gardening, it seems, is not cathartic enough to alleve your immeasureable chutzpah.

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