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sundacks(4a)November 18, 2008

I am heading up a group that is starting a community garden in our small town. The good news is that we have a decent sized core group, and informal permission to use a nice, centrally located piece of land.

Now I need to get the paperwork in order and I'm looking for templates that I can tweak for our use. Specifically, I need a lease agreement for the land, a proposal to get liability insurance under a local not-for-profit, and good definition of who we are and what we intend to do. I've already drafted the last of these items, but I wonder if anyone has a lease agreement that I could look at to base our agreement on?

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There are some inexpensive software that should work well for you on this project. If you use the online tax program it can run you anywhere from $9.95 up for any form they may provide.

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I don't have a sample of lease agreement but I have found a sample from the internet. I hope this helps you.

Here is a link that might be useful: lease contract sample

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