CG Land Acquisition Methods

Soleil Tranquilli - 8/9November 28, 2000

Hi All,

We are working to get a CG together in Elk Grove, Northern California. Land here is most expensive, around $100,000 per acre due to runaway growth. I have a target property list, compiled from hours spent in the Tax Assessor's Office of owner names and addresses.

Is there anyone who has sample letters to landowners asking for use of their land? Or, failing that, how did you all approach owners?? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

I find that contacting the real estate agents has been an exercise in futility & disappointment, one even laughing in my face & making a joke about how much land cost and how lowly an idea it was to build community garden on his piece of property. Hrumph, I guess I lost my cool with that guy, but I still am looking for some prototype approach I could tweak to our situtation. Thanks in advance... --Soleil

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Marshall - 10 CA/24 Sunset

Your best be would be through local governmental agencies (park, highway,etc.)or churches or corporate entities having land set aside for other future uses. They may offer the use for a limited time however. Public land is always best because of the tradition of The Commons. Municipalities often have odd pieces of land that could be dedicated to Community Gardens, especially if a CG won't cost them much.


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Becky - 4

Here in Portage, WI we brainstormed "public" places around the city that we thought might be good spots, then went to them with our idea. For a variety of reasons, none of these spots worked out, and out of desparation, we finally put an article in the paper (as a news release, not an ad) about what our group was trying to do and what we needed in terms of land. We actually had several calls from that article and went with the one that best suited our plan. It turned out to be a place we never would have dreamed of...someone's front yard!! Albeit, a very long front yard--and their teenage son appreciated no longer having to mow so much lawn! Good luck to you.

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