Lime Tree dropped all leaves - any suggestions to keep it alive?

GetReadyMarch 3, 2013

My lime tree is a few years old now and I had a nice harvest of little limes last year. It is in a pot inside during the cold weather and then outside in the summer. Recently it flowered and then may have gotten a shock when it was moved to the laundry room for a few days while the house was painted and may have missed watering it for a few days longer than normal. After it was moved back to it the nice sunny spot in the kitchen & watered regularly again it dropped all its leaves but not the flower buds. I've tried a few suggestions such as watering it less often, misting it with a spray bottle but I would appreciate any suggestions if there are other things I can do to help it make it through this rough patch.

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I should add it has a few little leaves sprouting out of it that seem healthy, but some other ones it sprouted seemed to have dried up. I've been watering it, but it seems to go through the pot quicker than normal.
Also before this happened it had a TON of flowers on it and hadn't grown any limes in awhile.

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How do you know when it's time to water?

I can tell you that lime are very prone to root rot especially when the weather cools. My lime never liked cold weather and neither did it ever like being indoors. I eventually lost it:-(

Too, they tend to loose all their leaves just like meyer's do after a shock, but should all come back eventually, especially if you are watering correctly and keep it in a prime sunny spot.

It's the loss of branches that would concern me more than anything and that usually spells root death.

Lets' see what happens, as long as you are not over or under watering.


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Thanks for the reply. I think it got too cold while also missing some watering is what did it. The stems seem to be getting darker, so hopefully they aren't rotting out. If the roots are rotting, should I replant?

Any advice on when to water? Right now I do it about every other day.

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