Clematis around light post

LKZZ(7b)April 17, 2014

Hi All...thought to share a cool trellis method.

I have several Clematis around my light posts that have done poorly...the plant comes back every year but does not grow well. I have tried 'helping' it by tying it to the post but it goes no where.

After a little research I found that Clematis needs a thin style trellis for its tendrils to grab onto. If it does not have this - it will not grow. So true, so true!

So...I toyed with digging them up and making a special trellis but really did not want to transplant and perhaps lose them. I happened to have some wire fencing left from the vegetable garden and decided to use it up and around my lamp posts to trellis the Clematis. It is thin enough to wrap right around the post, tall enough (5 feet) to extend the whole height of the post.

It is working beautifully - the plants are climbing so well - bigger than they have eve been in the last 5 years I have had them. Here is a picture - I suspect it will grow right up the post. Lots of buds - can't wait to see it fully bloomed!

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Thanks, and great idea! I had recently read about that too, where a stem that can't seem to grab on to something will eventually die. I personally saw it on 2 plants just recently (one of them being one of my clematis stems that could have been another nice growth going upwards but has now since withered away) so I was glad to have read about that, and then see the detrimental effects.

I will definitely be providing enough vertical support for all clematis stems that want to be growing up since I have enough impatience waiting for the plant to fill up the existing trellises that they are on without having some prematurely killed off.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

Yup - I've done something similar around posts that are too thick. It works really well.

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IME clematis can be grown as ground cover plants unless there are pests such as slugs, voles, or other nibbling critters damaging the plants, but in general I prefer the look of them growing up a trellis. Gardenper, wilt does effect some type 2 clematis regardless of whether they are growing on trellises or on the ground, but the plants generally out-grow wilt.

LKZZ, your clematis looks quite happy on its new trellis! I have also seen folks use a set of strings or a flexible net with large holes in similar situations, but I think the wire fencing makes a much more manageable and attractive trellis.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

After years of struggling with various fencing/supports I agree that wire grid fencing just like you used is the best support for Clematis.

Now, if I can just get my husband to help me rip out all the other supports and replace with wire grid far he has been very resistant.

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