Is my venosa violacea clematis dead?

slh1981April 21, 2013

Last September or October a neighbor's new dog was in out yard and jumped onto some of my potted perennials and didn't completely sever, but almost completely severed the main stalk of my venosa violacea clematis just inches from where it pokes out of the soil.

At the time I really wants sure what to do, it's a zone three and it's supposed to be hard pruned, but not that low and not in the fall like that. Anyway, I probably should have posted this then, but instead, I pruned it. Unfortunately, all of my perennials are starting to return and my clematis is just a little brown stick sticking up from itâÂÂs pot. Is it dead? Should I have not pruned it? Or is there anything else I could have done?

Oh, also, this will be (or would have been) it's fifth year, and it's always lived in a pot.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

it is probably not dead. Hard pruning usually helps them, not hurts them. Though they can rot out in pots as the years go by the drainage isn't as good as the soil breaks down.....

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I thought my Nellie Moser was dead because she was damaged so badly;
She's back this year.
Years ago I thought a multiple had perished, but it came back.
I notice that when the junction between the root & the plant is injured it takes longer for them to come back, but they usually do! :)

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