Corn and pole beans

mesquiteent(z6b WestTX)January 25, 2005

I read in a book that you can plant pole beans next to corn as a companion, but it didn't specify whether you would have the bean grow up the corn stalk, or if you would plant it in a teepee next to the corn. Does anyone here know what would work best? Any other ideas for growing other plants with corn?


~Mesquite Ent~

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Some traditional gardeners put beans around the corn so the beans can climb the corn stalks and put squash or pumpkin around the bottom of the corn on the ground to supposedly deter coons from invading the corn. Some also plant beans to grow up stalks of okra.EP

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Jan_Hobbs(z6a TN, USA)

Make sure you have a corn that has a good, strong, tall stalk, and don't plant the beans until the corn is about
12-18" tall so the corn has a chance to stay ahead of the beans. When you under plant these with the squash or pumpkins, it is called a "3 Sisters" garden...that is how the Indians planted them.

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