Carrots and Onions in Hills and Valleys?

nostalgicfarm(5)January 7, 2009

I saw a posting on a person's blog last year about planting carrots and onions together with carrots in a hill and onions in a valley. The thought has stuck with me. Now, I can't seem to find any information through a search engine on this "Hill and Valley" planting technique. Does anyone have any information on it, such as if it is a good idea, how deep to make the valleys for the onions or anything else that may be valuable? I would love to see any pictures if someone has done this in the past.

I may be better off just planting everything together, but like I said, this thought has stuck with me, and I think it would look neat and give the garden a little extra dimension and character. I do not know if it is not a good idea for the plants though...

Thanks for your input

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