my brain hurts

numbnerveJanuary 26, 2005

I'm trying to plan the schemes for several flower beds this Spring with a bunch of new seeds I've gotten lately and honestly, the possibilities caused my wee brain to shut down.

Let me start this thread with one combination. Hopefully those of you out there will be familiar with these choices.

Gomphrena 'Strawberry Fields'

Evening Scented Stock &

Agastache (Hyssop - Honey Bee Blue)

I don't have huge beds and was curious if these three can be planted in close quarters of each other without any being smothered out completely. My experience with the Gomphrena indicated it would be a good choice for growing through others since its foliage is somewhat leggy.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...and feel free to suggest your favorite combinations so I can quit thinking and just do the same thing -- hehee

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You should have no problems planting all of them fairly close together, numbnerve. They won't smother or overrun each other, unlike some people I know. :D

Have fun and don't stress (if at all possible)!


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Good to know....thanks

Not stressed per se, just pleasingly consumed with piecing it all together.

g'day =)

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I saw your post, I'm another red clay gardener. Battling Kudzu and weeding a lot also. I usually am scheming about outdoors but I've turned most of my attention indoors lately Painting,etc.

I suggest you look at Argeratum, it is used in edging a bed. It is great in the clay, performs when everything else is struggling. Dies at frost. It's my go-to plant.
Agastache is doing great. Look at mallow(?) plants, new varieties with huge, showy flowers. Found some at all the local plant centers.
I never have luck with stock, too many things(critters) like it.
The Gomphrena worked well, even re-seeded. Wasn't as showy as I hoped.
Rudbeckia is excellent for me, and coneflower(from seed even). Ice plant is a great plant with ...
Uh-oh, I better finish up with the painting.

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Thanks for the suggestions...

Does anyone think Astilbes and Foxgloves would make good companions?


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If they're complimentary colors, I think they'd make great companions! The difference in textures is potentially stunning. :)


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