asparagus and ???

Linda101(6b AR)February 24, 2002

I have an asparagus bed approx. 10 x 10 but the plants are sparse and far apart. Weeds take over during the summer and I'd like to eliminate this problem. Has anyone planted strawberries in with them and would there be any problems that you know of? Need a dense planting of something! How close together can you safely plant asparagus? Maybe I just just put in lots more asparagus? Thanks!

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taba(z5b MO)

I just planted a new Jersey King asparagus bed and the instructions said to plant 18" apart, with 4' between rows. Not sure about strawberries or other plants that would compete well with weeds. I plan to add parsley and maybe an annual flower, then mulch.

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Sundrop(Zone 6 Indiana)

Once the asparagus ferns out in the summer, I would think it would shade strawberries too much. I have a large asparagus bed that at first was taken over by weeds. The best thing you can do is put down about 4 sheets each of newspaper overlapping by about 2 inches. Then put down some kind of mulch over that to cover the unsightliness of it. It could be straw or anything that will hold down the newspaper. I personally use grass clippings. You wouldn't want to put them real thick though. At least not until they dry out a little. In the past I have taken it up in the fall but after talking to Roger Swain of the Victory Garden I have decided to leave it this year. The weeds are non existant with the newspaper thing and my asparagus grows like mad. I would think it would be too hard to harvest anything planted in with the asparagus as it is very tall and "leafy".

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Do you put the newspaper mulch down in the spring? How does the asparagus get through it? Or are you just putting it inbetween the rows? Will it come through straw or leaves or compost okay? I've just gotten one of three rows weeded and want to put some kind of mulch so I don't have to do it again this season.


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gardenwitch(7 Va)

I have recently been told of the value of parsley planted with Asparagus to repel the asparagus beetle. Definitely will try this this year since this past year I had a real invasion of this pest.

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organicdan(z5b Nova Scotia)

Asparagus - GOOD Basil , Carrots, Parsley, Tomato

BAD Chive, Garlic, Leek, Onion

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stevez06(z6 W-KY)

From what I've read asparagus should be planted so that the rows are 4' apart (is this correct?). Are the companions mentioned above planted in this large space and act as living mulch? Or, should this space just be heavily mulched with straw or similar material?

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