My Dancy Tangerines and Tangelos are dry inside

GRAYTAG(11)March 21, 2012


I have 2 dancy tangerines tree and 2 tangelo tree all have fruit when you peel the skin off its dry inside. I have very clay soil also. How often should i water with clay soil? How can I fix this?

They are all about 6-7 ft tall and all are about to bloom.

I just fertilized with 10-10-10

I have another question with my Orange tree very few oranges this year may be 10.

How to get the blossoms to turn to fruit?

How do I get more fruit next year.

thanks TIM

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Did your fruit get frozen? Clay soil needs water less often than other types, but underwatering is one of the causes of dry fruit. The other tree not setting much fruit could be from the same cause. Overall it sounds like your mix of fertilizer and water needs tweaking. Fertilizing now is good, but the subsequent mid and late season feedings and waterings are the ones that are likely affecting your fruit quality. see these other posts, particularly the comments of Dr. Manners:

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As I read about it is the fertilizer is too much N could be the problem, Is ths true? I think I am under feeding fertilizer would that be? My trees are about 5 year old. What is the proper type of fertilizer ratio that I should use with dry fruit?

I am just learning about my Citrus
All the help I can get is Great!!!

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Well, you can't do anything about the dry fruit now; you can only make it better next year. I would guess... and if you could post photos, we could give you better answers.. that you are underfeeding your trees. You don't say, but I am assuming your trees are planted in the ground; if so, they should be fertilized at least 3 times per year with a good balanced citrus fertilizer; and watered to a depth of 2-3 feet once a week. Citrus generally absorb fertilizer (NPK.. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) in the ratio of 5-1-3; so 10-10-10 is okay, but you are wasting money on the P and K, in order to get enough N... the most important single element for citrus.
Look for a citrus fert. with something close to the 5-1-3 ratio, apply it according to label instructions, water well, and have faith that the fruit will be better in the next crop.

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Now all trees are bloomming and all leave are turning yellow but are not dropping. 1 month ago o fertilized with
a citrus fertilizer 7/5/7 . The yellowing leaves is it a cause of over/under fertilizing?? How do I tell the real cause of this. I would like to post some pictures but not sure how.

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