Cross Pollination Problem?

CzechChick(z5IL)February 25, 2005

I have started winter sowing several types of Dianthus. I have Rainbow Loveliness, Sweet William and Maiden Pinks. I was told that if I plant these too close together that I may end up with strange looking flowers next year. I also have several varieties of Columbine and Achillea. Will planting these in the same flower bed present a problem later on?

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there's a big if, there...

if you collect those seeds, and sow them (or they reseed themselves that freely)

some hybrids are 'stable' and will produce a preponderance of 'like' offspring. but most aren't, and will produce a random selection of plants more like the 'parent' strains (Mendel noted that the seeds of the hybrid 'pink' sweet peas produced mostly red or white plants)

so yes, there's always the chance that the next generation will be spindly, or have smaller flowers, or what not...but you'll have as much of a chance of the parent plants surviving the winter under their mulch blanket...

and who knows, you may also produce a GOOD random strain !

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