nasturtiums with squash/pumpkins

eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)February 11, 2009

I plan to grow nasturtiums along with my squash/pumpkins this year. I have read that nasturtiums are valuable for deterring squash bugs (which I've had a problem with in the past). Anyway, from what I understand, nasturtiums prefer to be left alone, while the squash is a heavy feeder, and as they grow fruit they require large amounts of water.

If anyone has done this companion planting, are there any tips for a successful pairing. My primary goal of the nasturtiums is the squash bug connection, but my wife would appreciate a little more flowers.

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chloect(z5 CT)

I grew Nasturtiums for the same purpose last year, and I found it to be moderately successful. The only squash bed that I didn't plant with Nasturtiums seemed to get by far the most squash bugs. That said, be selective about which cultivar you plant! Stick to smaller, well-behaved nasturtiums. Mine were so huge by August that they started to take over my melons and squash, and I had to keep cutting them back. Mine flowered nicely, not super heavily, but they were beautiful all the same. Actually, I think my squash could have done with a little more nutrients, but ,boy, were my nasturtiums happy!

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eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)

Thanks...I think my wife would prefer more flowers and less squash! Personally, if I can get 12 (total) butternut out of my 4 plants, and 6-12 pumpkins from my 6 plants, I will be very happy with that.

If the nasturtiums hide the squash vines from view on my trellis, my wife would prefer that.

I got the vining variety, so I may need to prune them from time to time, but in expanding my vegetable garden this year, I dramatically reduced my wife's flower garden. The compromise was that I had to try to keep the vegetable garden as attractive as possible. So, the nasturtiums will hopefully serve the double purpose.

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