ID this lovely, golden, fleecy succulent?

kwie2011July 31, 2014

This plant looks okay, but I rescued a single, sprouted leaf off of a smaller sibling that was dying in another shop. Kalanchoe species, maybe?

I wouldn't mind knowing the two in the pot behind it also.

I'm tempted to buy them, but they are GLUED in that pot! Criminal.

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Oxboy555(Las Vegas)

Kalanchoe Tomentosa "Panda"

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Beautiful. Thank you!

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Kalanchoe tomentosa is right, but it is the 'Chocolate Solider' cultivar. 'Panda Plant' has a paler color to it and no yellow tint. Here's mine:

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Oh and the plants in the back are: Crassula ovata 'Gollum' jade plant, and an echeveria (already stretching...)
These big box stores definitely are succulent killers, I always feel bad for not saving them from the no-light, glued-on rocks condition but simply don't have enough space..

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Is that a donkey tail to the right of it sedum morganiumism (I KNOW I didn't spell that one right lol) anyway if it is, does it grow pretty fast? I've been wanting this plant for YEARS and finally found two at Telley's here in Michigan

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Yup. This one was actually my first succulent before I knew what succulents were. A relative's friend just gave us bunch of cuttings and now I have 2 pots of them looking quite nice. I wouldn't say they're the fastest growing, but they do propagate like crazy!

They sell these as hanging baskets quite often in nurseries, keep your eye pierced and you should find them some day!

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Thanks for the additions, correction, and clarification, David. I just know I'm going to go back for that plant, despite the glue. I just can't stop looking at it, even in a photo. It doesn't look real.

Is the height of yours typical of both cultivars?

I've been eyeing "burro's tail" too. Don't know if I have enough sun here for that really nice compact growth I see in southwestern plants, but they are so pretty.

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Go for it and rescue it, it seems healthy at the moment.
I got mine when it was already this tall. I think it is a more mature plant but also a bit etiolated, so if you give it more sun it should stay shorter and more compact.

Yes, my burro's tail is definitely not grown in optimal condition. Mostly shaded but pretty good indirect light all year long.

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I thought my chocolate soldier wasn't real for awhile too. I def poked it's leaves in the store bc I was convinced it was fake.

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I got one! It's TINY. A local shop just got some in this morning - $1.50. It's an itty-bitty one, but I'm fine with little plants that I can grow myself.

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