Peppers and Tomatos?

skspoon(z5 MO)March 7, 2004

Do Tomatos and Hot Peppers grow together? I'm considerig planting peppers around my tomato patch to repel squirels and other garden thiefs. Anybody tried this or is it a bad idea?

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zippy37(Z6 IL)

PEPPERS, HOT: Chili peppers have root exudates that prevent root rot and other Fusarium diseases. Plant anywhere you have these problems. Teas made from hot peppers can be useful as insect sprays.

The ONLY plants that Tomatoes should stay away from are
the following; ALL members of the Brassica(Cabbage) family,
Potatoes, Fennel, & Corn that's it.

Hopefully I've been some help!

Happy Gardening!
Zippy :)

F.Y.I. Tomato leaves produce a natural insecticide called
Solanine, a volitile alkaloid.

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zippy37(Z6 IL)

OOPS! You better add Dill and Pole Beans to the DO NOT PLANT
with Tomatoes List...Although I am experimenting with the
Pole Bean next to Tomatoes this year anyway. Last year
I planted Bush Beans next to tomato and the Tomato Plants were over 5 foot tall and as big as a wash tub, but the beans developed a fungus called rust and died. I am planting a pole
bean this year resistant to rust and incorporating the soil
with an inoculant called Agriserum. Last year I put compost
& Agriserum on the tomatoes ONLY, that's why they got so BIG
and produced so well.

Happy Gardening!
Zippy :)

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On this pepper/tomato buddy thing. My neighbor planted habanero peppers in the same large pot as 3 tomato plants...we had the hottest tomatoes ever that year! I mean, really, something transferred from the habanero plant to the tomatoes and they would make your eyes tear up.They were good to cook with, but practically inedible fresh. Unless you love hot foods, I suggest you use nice bell peppers, dont use the hot varieties.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Enid...I'm sorry, but someone has pulled a prank on you...seriously.

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any other info on peppers and tomatos? sounds really like a interesting combination. also heard of tomatos and basil and tomatoes and sage being beneficial combos

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Octogenarian(z5 Lake Erie)

"BOY! One Hot Tomatoe! ....I always plant Basil. Works fine. Don't know if there's an exchange of scents or if the ground and sunlight suits them both

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laa_laa(Sunset /8 or 9)

Tomatoes, hot peppers, basil AND Oregano...maybe even zucchini. L.

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skspoon(z5 MO)

The Hot Peppers and Tomatos grew well together but I do not think the peppers served as a deterent to squirrels. When the weather was exceptionaly hot and dry, the critters seemed to steal Tomatos for water rather than food...Hot Peppers or not!
I think keeping the bird bath full of water is the best deterent.

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Tagetes with tomatoes repels white fly, as does basil and parsley or chives are good with anything!

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byron(4a/5b NH)

Hot pepper spray will deter critters but not insects or birds.

I have seen hornworm and white
fly chewing on a Choc Habanero, the hottest chile known..

Tomatoes will NOT cross with peppers, although same plant family

Cabbage family and solancea plants only have 1 or 2 common diseases and insects.

>Tagetes with tomatoes repels white fly,

Attact the hover fly whose larva eat the aphid larva.

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Rodents most definitely are not effected by Capsicum, the spicy oil in peppers. I once had a mouse nesting in my stove, so I tried to deter him (or her) with a thick layer of EXTEMELY hot cayenne powder. This mouse didn't care in the slightest and was content to frolick in the stuff. I've also seen a mouse at my friends house that seemed to die from getting into a bag of cayenne and eating a lot of it. That mouse wasn't dettered by the heat, thats for sure.

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frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)

What is "tagetes"? Is it an herb? I've never heard of it.

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skspoon(z5 MO)

As a follow up...peppers did not have any effect on the squirrels who were robbing my garden. I planted Thia Hot and Haberneros, both of which grew very well. Buckets of water and a full bird bath helped some in hot months...but not much. My new puppy (Beagle) was the cure. NO garden thiefs now!

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Tagetes are French Marigolds. They are suppose to be more disease resistant than other marigolds. They're thought to be a good companion with tomatoes. My personal experience, had them as a trap crop for snails (the snails got the marigolds but not my tomatoes).

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Tagetes are sickeningly sweet smelling, not only do they deter garden pests, but also the ocasional anoying relative aswell.

Hot peppers don't generally deter rodents as only the fruit and most noteably the iner most part of the fruit actually contain Capsacin. However Capsacin could end up in the fruits of nearby tomatoes if the two fruits were to touch, I remember a few years back reading a story in the hot pepers forum about a grower who told his grandson not to touch his habs because they were hot, The beligerent Child told him they were not and touched one with his index finger to prove it, the grower then gently grabbed his grandsons hand and touched it to his toung for an instant and a few moments later he realised just what his Grandfather meant, Habs are intence if you don't do hot often, good ones are intence even if you do.

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The impression that peppers repel squirrels comes from homonym confusion; BLACK PEPPER repells squirrels. You can plant black pepper as a companion plant, or you can simply shake black pepper around your plants after each rain or watering.

Here is a link that might be useful: KAZ

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