RE: Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) and tomatoes

rtogioMarch 17, 2014

Hey all!

So, I was wondering if there was any problem with planting Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) in close proximity to tomatoes. I'd heard through the grapevine that you want to avoid planting them near each other, but I was never told exactly why.

For full disclosure, I should say that the tomatoes and JAs aren't in the same bed. The latter are in containers that are positioned near where I plan to plant tomatoes, and they can be easily moved further away.

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Just because sun choke gets 6-8 feet tall and bushy makes it not good companion for tomato, unless it was caged, perhaps, to prevent flopping. Also sun choke starts growing much earlier than tomato gets set out which means it will be a lot taller. I suppose tomatoes could be on the south side of sun chokes.

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