carissa holly

souppeggy(z8GA)March 9, 2004

I'm redesigning my backyard and want to use the shrubs I already have which are carissa holly, dwarf nandina, one five foot tall dwarf alberta spruce, two Carolina Jasimine on arbors, rosemary, lacy leaf japanese maple, daylilies, pineapple sage and a few other perrenials. The yard is not large. Matter of fact, I am moving by split-rail fence back about 10 additional feet to give me a little more space. I need a taller conifer to go on the corner in front of the split-rail if you can suggest one. I think I would like some pyramidal in shape but won't cast out other ideas. Also, I need some other non-decidious shrubs to front the taller conifer. I hope I am making sense. I will be happy to try and explain more if you should have any questions. Thanks ever so much.

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