Where is MeyerMike?

hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CAMarch 19, 2014

Haven't see MeyerMike on the forum for a while. I hope all is well with Mike?? Anyone heard from him? Mike, if you're around, we miss you, and hope all is well with you.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

He got tired of all the snow and is backpacking to florida. LOL

I dont want to speak for him but he did post at the fragrant forum today.

Hey mike, you getting any warmth yet?


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

He's around - I'll go get him.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Hey, Al! Where the heck have YOU been, as well? Thanks, tell Mike I was just worried about him :-)

Patty S.

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buylady(z5b IL)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Oh, yeah, Mike's around....he's been dealing with the cold weather and the warm sun....which means venting his greenhouse from beneath the pool cover :-)


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tcamp30144(7B N.ATLANTA)

He turned into an orange and got eaten lol nah hes busy with his green house.

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madferret(UK 8b-9a)

Maybe he's got bored of citrus trees? :(


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Assuredly not! Mike and I were just chatting about our citrus the other day :-)


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Patty..You are so sweet and thoughtful..Thank you for thinking of me and your concern, along with everyone else actually..

Been run down....Doing ok though.. I am so wishing this cold weather would end soon..They are talking snow storm by Wednesday and 0 tonight..Way to unusually cold for this time of the year.Hard to believe that April is a few days away..Our summer and spring are not looking good and if not, I am selling my house to move to warmer grounds..

The trees are ok. I had a HUGE loss and twig die back on my best Orange tree..That is because the sunlight and cold was just too much for the huge canopy of leaves to take.So it decided to shed itself! Just as soon as the sun started to get stronger a couple of weeks ago, it decided to grow back ten fold from all new areas on the main trunk and between all teh lost leaves. Funny these plants are. Just like people.

My Kishu was completely bare up until just last week..Now tons of new growth and flowers. An explosion..It's the lack of sunlight I tell you.
The Lemon tree in the ground is doing awesome, just a foot away from the ground outside! It's starting to burst in flowers..
The Orange tree at work is giving off at least 10 huge almost ripe fruit.

No spider mites at all this season. I am thinking it's because I did not fertilize any trees that were not exposed to ideal conditons for ultiamte growth, until the sun returns..
It's the first time I did not fertilize these trees in winter and teh first I have not had to deal with one mite. I think I found my answer for next winter.

At least I have some things to look at while this weather stays bleek.

Buylady..SO GOOD TO SEE YOU again!! I am so happy you are ok and back. Please hang around, ok?

Al, thanks a lot pal...I appreciate it-0)

Josh, wil, chat soon and thanks.

Mike...I think I discovered a way to 'avoid'
Hope you are well these days.

Nick, Never..lol..Between citrus and orchids, not a chance.

Tcamp..too funny...I got a good chuckle out of that..
Hope your trees are ok. I hear teh cold has reached your area and coming this week..All mine on the porch are still thriving..lol. Yes, with one space heater! Even when it was 0 out! I don't know how, but they did. Although, anything on the window sill froze..Stupid me..I forgot it gets too cold there. I lost a couple of very nice orchids.

Patty, once again, thank you. You have been a dear friend to us here at home!
I wonder how that Jade is doing now that is getting hot by day and cold by night for you.
You should see the one you sent me. I will figure a time to post a pic of it for you soon.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Very good to hear the report, Mike. Read about your Shiranui, yikes! But, glad it's coming back. And that Jade is HUGE. I am going to cut a few branches off to propagate!!. I will post a pick to this message thread when I get a chance. SUPER yellow, really awesome. Just love it!

Patty S.

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tcamp30144(7B N.ATLANTA)

Tree are ok die back and twig lost like u lack of sun light, porch is to cold when it below 20,here even with heater. So when its getting below 20,I bring them in. And use cfl inside not in bedroom lol. Got huge infeststation of spyder mites. The Rosemary oil did wonders they are gone now and most trees are recovering well. One kumquat isn't happy sheading most of it leaves but rest are just growing slowly. Will be so glad to see spring been one of the worst winters in many years.


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buylady(z5b IL)

hi yep doin ok just been busy and a little under the weather "flu" yuckkk!!! man i can't wait for spring! so glad your OK mikieeee move move where? lot of plants to move to a new home LOL you take every one..c ya

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