Roses around the corner from tomatoes?

emthomasphotoMarch 18, 2005

Him, my name is Courey, and I'm a space packer.


I have about 10 tomato plants that need to go in the front of my porch so I can stake them there without worry. I grew them there last year and they did great. The dilema enters the equation with the new Climbing Peace I just bought. The only place it'll get adequate sun and support once I hang tressis is around the corner from the tomatoes up front. The base of the two plants would be about 2 feet away from each other. Apart from looking somewhat eclectic, are the rose and the tomato going to fight for nutrients?

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TexasTina(Z8b San Antonio)

I'm no expert but the first year I gardened, when I knew practically nothing, I put a tomato plant on either side of a rose. Not a climber, but I don't know if it matters. The roses did fine, the tomatoes were delicious, and I enjoy being eclectic! The rose is still there and where the tomatoes were are now a society garlic and a Mexican Mint Marigold, which means I have to find another spot for this year's tomatoes. And of course, I won't hesitate to put them near my roses. I'll be watching this thread to see what others have to say also. Good luck!

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Thanks for the response! I had to go ahead and plant that climber this past weekend, it was starting to look droopy sitting in its bucket. :p Hoping for the best... it's encouraging to hear that you've had success with that scenario in the past!

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TexasTina(Z8b San Antonio)

Yes, I certainly did! And, I've never understood why it has to be a "vegetable" garden or a "flower" garden. Mine's just a garden. Roses and garlic and herbs, oh my! Do let me know how your tomatoes and their thorny neighbors do!

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lol... my garden is the exact same way; a lil' fruit here, some herbs mixed in, veggies of course... and the flowers poking out wherever they can find the space!

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I thought I would share what I found out. I borrowed the Carrots Loves Tomatoes book and read that in fact tomatoes and roses do make good companions; it is said in the book that tomato will protect roses from black spot.

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