A Few Pictures and a Question

rosieroo(6A)August 11, 2014

Hi fellow GardenWebbers,

I'm sharing a few pictures, and I have a couple of ID questions.

Since moving everything outside for the summer, a number of my succulents have simply exploded with new growth, especially the jades, the rhipsalis pilocarpa, and the Thanksgiving cactus. What a difference being outside made, even though they are located in a South-facing window year-round! Watching the colour changes has been fun as well - most of the succulents are sporting lovely 'tans'.

I apologize for the somewhat blurry pictures; they're taken with a phone. Here's the Thanksgiving cactus:

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One of two jades in question - crassula ovata ssp ???

It's a bit etiolated - it was purchased as four plants in one pot, and had clearly been missing sunlight for a while. It, and the others that were with it, now have plenty of new growth, but I'm still considering hard pruning as they're just so leggy.

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And the other jade, which I guessed to be crassula ovata "Crosby's Compact". I could very well be dead wrong, though, so please chime in! It's also been absolutely exploding with growth, and the old growth has turned a gorgeous maroon colour.

I hope that you, all of my fellow GardenWebbers, are enjoying your summer!

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deva33 Z5 SE Iowa

rosieroo, that jade is beautiful! Why is it so red? Is that just the species or something? Mine gets a pretty red on the edges when it has direct sunlight, but not like that!!!

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Thanks! It didn't turn dark red until I brought it outside for the summer. The edges were only slightly red before that. I'm not sure about the species.

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