raspberrys and strawberries?

stoloniferous(6)March 27, 2008

I have a row of raspberries being delivered in a few weeks, and I'm wondering if they would be happy with strawberries planted at their feet. Has anyone tried this? Would I need to give the raspberries a year or two to grow first so that the strawberries aren't too much competition?

Thanks. . .

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I wouldn't mix the two. Rasps take a lot of room and you'd be tromping on the berrys to get the fruit of the rasps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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Ahh, too late, I already put in my order. :)

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I agree with bullthistle---the rasps won't stay in the nice neet rows your going to plant them in. Your not going to be happy with the combination in a couple of years.

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Who says I like nice neat rows? Heehe. . . actually the space is a narrow raised bed which is bordered on one side by a driveway and on the other by a fence. I know this means I'll only be able to pick berries from the driveway side, and it'll get crowded - but I shouldn't have to step on the strawberries to pick the raspberries.

At any rate, I don't currently have anywhere else to put all of these strawberries. :) Unless there is reason to think they are going to harm the raspberry bushes, I'm willing to call this an experiment, and if I have to rip out strawberry plants in a few years, I'm okay with that.

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I'm thinking of doing the same. How did it turn out?

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I;m also considering adding strawberries to potted plants. How did it turn out?

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I'm considering this as well... I have a narrow bed with N/S rows and was considering planting the raspberry shoots just on the end of the rows of strawberries. I know this thread hasn't been updated in some time, but is there anyone out there who has tried this successfully? One of my concerns is the raspberry getting too big and shading the strawberries or taking too much of their root space.

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