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kwie2011August 1, 2014

I saw this same pink-edged plant in 2 different shops - had to check to be sure it wasn't paint. It isn't paint, but considering the odd pink tone, strange pattern, and the fact that no other succulents in these shops have the red edges of sun exposure, I'm almost convinced it's dye. They glue plants to pots, and attach dried flowers to them, so dying the edges of some leaves doesn't seem like a huge jump.

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Some are just naturally beautiful lol I just picked a succulent up today (yesterday) that is a bluish green color with a pinkish red outlined around the edges it's just the way they are the one leaves on mine are rounder though

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So you think it's real? If it is real, it is very cool. I hope you're right. Must be someone who knows for sure.

Yours sounds lovely. I always associate red with sun exposure, but I've seen photos of a Crassula sp. 'campfire' cultivar that is fucia, but it might be PhotoShoped. Now there's yours, and this pink oddity. I hope it is real.

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I'll take one tomorrow and show you (my other half is sleeping) he gets up at 4AM I keep my plants indoors at night in our master bath and bedroom bcuz that's where all the light is if they don't make it outside for the day lol

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I have that exact plant. It's just beautiful! I have no idea what it is, I got a cutting of it off of Etsy.

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Has yours made new pink leaves, Ramala?

Species, anyone?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SunDiegoCA)

It is Aeonium 'Kiwi'. Very pretty & the colors of my faves!

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Hmmm...I have an Aeonium "kiwi" from another shop that looks completely different - yellow with green and pink stripes, so I guess the colors DO change! Wow. Mine has very compact leaves in comparison too. I wouldn't have known they were the same species. Very cool. Thank you, Rosemarie.

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