Seven more arrived today!

davesselsApril 18, 2014

As promised by one supplier, to replace three that did not look so great upon arrival, and an order from Brushwood, all arrived in very good condition. Packing tape to hold the soil and paper in place on the replacement order really made a difference, so I am very pleased with the condition of all of the new arrivals. And a delightful surprise was having a nice big bloom on 'Rebecca'. Now, all I have to do is decide where to plant what and who to pair with whom! Happy gardening! Debra

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These are the four from Brushwood, Piilu, Florida sieboldiana, Rebecca and General Sikorski. All will be new varieties for me, but I think I will put Piilu in a pot for this season.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

Very nice!

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

They look fantastic !! And Rebecca is very pretty !!
I don't know what happened to my andromeda , it totally wilted and looks horrible ! Lol

Do you have some nice structures for yours to grow on or do you have a fence?
Mine are in pots til we finda house , and I have a few obelisks to use . I love seeing how people use them in their gardens !

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

The back lighting shows off Rebecca beautifully. Happy planting!

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Thank you, now all I have to do is plant them.. Some will stay potted until the fall. I also received 3 more Guernsey Creams from an Ebay purchase when I thought everyone else was out of stock.. I ordered two, the seller sent three, they were tiny and healthy, bare root, so they have been potted, and hopefully we will have restored the 100 year old front porch by the end of summer and I can plant them then. I love free clematis, but I am overwhelmed right now.
lilyfinch, I have all of mine planted along our fence that surrounds the property. I do have a dozen simple black iron trellis's, and we just built an 8' Cedar Oblisk that I will plant on three sides, It looks a little akward right now, I need to add something for them to climb on, but hopefully it will be covered with clematis in no time. I am planning on putting just some plain metal fencing on a large amount of fence for the tendrils, as I have seen other members do. And planting the Sweet Summer Love with some SAC, and just let them do their thing. I have alot of fence, we have a large lot, but not really any space to put an Oblisk in the middle of the garden and grow clematis all around it. I think that looks amazing. I will post some pictures later this week, after some planting. LOl

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