Onions and Garlic Next to Strawberries?

scarletdaisies(6)March 21, 2012

I just planted 20 strawberry plants, a few days before I planted garlic and onion roots, bunching to see if they would grow. I couldn't find anything in my books saying they couldn't be planted together, but now I'm reading elsewhere they don't do well together.

Can you tell me if it's true they are bad companions and just how bad will the damages be if I left them. Likely the strawberries aren't going to be allowed to produce fruit until I stop picking the flowers on June 1st, so if it's a compatability issue, the onions will be picked anyways, but the garlic, I can transplant after June.

Any thoughts why this will work, why it won't?

Thanks before hand for the help.

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I've read that garlic and onions are good companion plants for strawberries. But again, there is so much contradiction out there, it will take actually experimentation to know.

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