Three Sisters Planting

windrider1967March 1, 2011

This will be my first REAL garden this year and I am planning on doing my zukes, pole beans, and corn in the three sisters tradition. For anyone who has planted this way in the past - do you plan out the 4-5' spacing for the zukes and then plant the corn and beans at 1 ft spacing within that area? I would think that the vines would spread enough to provide groundcover in the area.

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I used this article to guide my planting. This year is my first attempt at 3 sisters, and I planted late. But I found it interesting the different patterns that are used to account for different environmental factors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article on Companion Planting

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jusme_newby(5b North-Central MO)

I, too am planning on going the three sisters route but one thing bothers me. I am told the three sisters will not perform the first year as well as in subsequent years since the nitrogen left by the beans will not be available to the corn until next year. But here is my dilemma: I am constantly being admonished (in various publications and websites) not to plant the same crops in the same places every year. Most also say to rotate crops every year. How can I do both?

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The first couple of years should be fine. After you start seeing difficult to control diseases, you should move on to differing families of crops. The biggest thing is to start with a very loamy fertile soil. You'll need plenty of corn to get full ears.

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