Companion Plantings for Tomatillos??

green_devo(7b, V. Island, BC)March 19, 2008

I've found dozens of list of companions plants for the usual vegetables, but does anyone out there know of companion plants for tomatillos? They aren't of the tomato family, so I'm at a bit of a loss. Any help would be great!

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Hi- not sure if you still need help. I am growing tomatillos this year as well and haven't been able to find much out besides this:

At about 2/3 down page it talks about tomatillos, and basically says to grow them the same way as they list for tomatoes (except to use slightly less water). So, I am assuming they are saying to use the same recommendations on companion plants, as well. Hope this helps!

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Hi - I've been growing tomatillos for 10 years, and yes, they do grow similar to tomatoes, but beware - unless you're planning to process them on a commercial scale (which I have done), a couple of plants will do you. THEY ARE PROLIFIC! They like lots of manure and/or compost and I generally cage them. Bees LOVE them! and you can make jam with them that tastes like clover honey! (at least that's been my personal experience with them) Have fun with your garden!

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i can't find any companions for it either, but this WAS interesting . . .

'Tomatillos are almost completely self-incompatible and require at least two plants to normally produce fruit.'

Here is a link that might be useful: tomatillo

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thanks for the link! and yes! we're definitely growing them again this year. we only need 2 plants for our family of 5! and i still have enough to share with all the neighbors.

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thats funny, i only grew one year ago, and had fruit. wonder if they intermingled with the tomatoes?

planning on anaheims and tomatillos this year to make salsa verde...

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