IDs again, #5

kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR)August 1, 2014

I don't know what it is, but it has enormous leaves for its size - like spatulas. See my finger? Crazy plant.

I was so excited that my browser and GW were letting me upload photos that I forgot to say thanks in advance!

As always, even just the genus or family is usually helpful. At least that gives me somewhere to start.

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Looks like a flap jack

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kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR)

Aah, I've seen photos of that one, but always much larger. Thanks very much!

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You're welcome :)

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Yup Kalanchoe luciae 'flapjack' or 'paddle plant', often mistaken as Kalanchoe thrysflora. Mine is around the same size, has grown a bit since I potted it up in a succulent dish.

In June:


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It looks great David!!!

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Ha thanks! It's too bad that it's losing its red colour due to the lack of sun... I wish I can bring it outdoors and stuff like that :( But other than that all my dish plants are quite happy. The senecio is sending out a long flower bud!

Okay I'll stop intruding now xD

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kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR)

You aren't intruding, David. I love your plants. The red on the undersides of your K. lucia is surreal. Are those "babies'" toes I see on the window sill? You have many of the plants I'm hoping to get hold of. I'll get my hands on one of those little crested guys too - the stores here have them, but they don't look well. Love those leaves.

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Yup, Fenestraria rhopalophylla subsp. aurantiaca aka. 'Baby's Toes' (much easier to pronounce, hehe)
Got those only few weeks back, been looking for them for awhile too! Freshly repotted last week, so far so good. Give them some night time misting here and there, otherwise I just leave them be since the leaves are looking plump and healthy.

I think you're talking about the Adromischus cristatus 'Key Lime Pie'? That one is a rescue! I told the story here awhile back, it was lying on the shelf at RONA without a pot so I took it home, the lady didn't even charge me, she probably thought it was garbage..

It's been doing great since the rescue, getting ready for some flowering action, if I'm lucky!

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I just got a senecio too almost two weeks ago it's starting to look better (I had to nurse it back to health somewhat) I can't wait till mine blooms! You obviously are doing something right to get all yours to bloom :)

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kwie2011(8a/8b W. OR)

They look fantastic. Will the Adromischus cristatus root from leaves? I know many succulents do, but I'm totally unfamiliar with that genus.

I started off researching each plant to be sure it could survive Oregon's winter gloom before taking it home, but I've given up. My Crassula tetragona is a winter grower that should croak here, but I put a mirror behind it to catch the low sun, and it did beautifully.

My brain is oatmeal from trying to remember each plant's ideal conditions anyway. I was doing great until I reschedule a point where it all blended together - information overload. I'll be re-researching for a long time. LOL. I'll catch back up though. These plants are so much fun, so interesting, and so beautiful. Funny, when I lived in AZ, I used to think succulents were ugly. I just wasn't paying close enough attention!

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Haha, I know what you mean. I always thought they were interesting looking, but no idea what they're really about. There's just so many different species and they're all so beautifully different from each other. And I agree, it's hard to remember all the care tips for each plants...

And yes, I believe key lime pie can be rooted with leaf cuttings, as long as you choose healthy leaves

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Proof (Not mine, I googled it):

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