Has anyone heard of Clematis - Harlow Carr ?

kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)April 11, 2008

Hi! I just bought this Clematis Harlow Carr ('Evipo004')

after a 25% discount came to about $14 in a local/ great nursery.



Please share your experiences...



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Check out the thread on the Raymond Evison presentation :-)) This is one of his introductions with integrifolia parentage (non-vining, more of a sprawler) and what he considers to be the longest blooming of any clematis.

Although I've not grown this one long, my experience with it so far supports his claims - it's a blooming machine!! My first year plant, grown in a container, bloomed virtually nonstop last season from June to first frost in November. At its peak in early summer, it has as many as 30 open blossoms and an equal number of buds, all on a plant that did'nt exceed 24" in height.

I've since planted it in the ground and it has produced an impressive amount of shoots from the root base and I expect a stunning flower performance again this season. With all the clems in my collection, to date this one impresses me the most.

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kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)

Wow! I am concerned about the non vining , I live in a townhome and am planning to plant it near the Post of my porch. Is it easy to make it climb on a post ?
Do you have a pic? Thanks,

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

I love mine and it weaves its way in some green fencing that I have it planted on. Perhaps you can wrap the post with the fencing and get it to climb like I do.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I want one but they have been expensive here. More so than other Clems.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Miguel..does it climb or not?

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Jeanne, it climbs up the fencing with no help from me. I haven't really looked to see if its petioles wrap around the wire (like I have seen happen on Alionushka even though it is not supposed to climb)or if the vines just grow up and weave themselves through the openings in the fencing. What you see, the plant has done on its own.

BorS, I got the entire RHS series from Van Bourgondien one year reasonably priced as bareroots. Just potted them up and all grew except Hyde Hall which was alright by me since it is a white type II.

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kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)

Ammmmmazing pics..thanks ...so glad I got the Harlow carr!
the flower is cutely bent, makes it gorgeous!

How many feet did it grow the 1st year? Any disease issues? Do japanese beetles attack clems?Do I have to water a lot? What kinda fertilizer do I use - M.Gro? Bayer?

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Mine probably got about 4 feet or so its first year after planting. I got mine as bareroot and potted it up in a one gallon pot and grew it out for a season prior to planting it in the ground.

No real disease issues that I have noticed and never seen any japanese beetles on it although I have seen them on other clematis flowers. How much water you need is going to depend on your soil type, how much natural rainfall you get, how well the plant is mulched, and how hot the summer is. There is no real way for me to guess how much you might have to water it! I typically use what I have on hand when I need to fertilize them--sometimes synthetic 13-13-13, sometimes Miracle Grow solid fertilizer, sometimes alfalfa pellets, sometimes grass clippings as a top mulch and which eventually decay and add organic matter to the soil, sometimes rose fertilizer, sometimes an organic type of fertilizer---the list could go on. I am not tied to any one type or brand of fertilizer.

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I bought a Clematis Harlow Carr in 2007. I have now split it twice and put it hither and yon because it is so lovely. Delicate but with amazing deep purple blossoms as you saw in the great photos above. I have it in regular garden soil and it grows to be about 10 feet here in San Francisco and bloom for two months or more then blooms on and off thereafter. Not thuggish at all though. I have never had any pests or diseases affect mine. Slugs sometimes try to nibble on it but don't seem to care for it. You will love your Harlow Carr!

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