Looking for good top soil source near chapel hill

trisheffJune 16, 2013

Does anyone have a suggestion for a source of good topsoil for my vegetables beds. I need about 5 cubic yards for raised beds I am building . Could get as much as 10- I've looked up local sellers but am just wondering if anyone else had a positive experience with any specific company. Thanks

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I did not respond initially because I did not have a Specific local source for you. However since no one else does either, may I suggest that you look for a local livestock or perhaps even a horse farm that stores and perhaps turns its aged bedding. I found such a source south of Siler City that provided superb compost. I believe that I acquired my compost/soil eight years ago and my gardens still maintain their tilth today.

Unfortunately, the critical issue now is the price of fuel for dump truck transport. Eight years ago, diesel was under $2.00/gal and I found a local driver who would deliver 15/20 cu yd the 20 miles to my house for $60. The compost itself was $50. Two years later, with prices way up, this driver charged my neighbor $125 for transport.

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