Recieved my order from four Winds Citrus today!

andrew78(6)March 8, 2012

So today my package ariived from Four Winds. I was surprised at how they were pakacaged. They used 3 individual card board tubes. 1 for each tree.

Okay my 'Variegated Pink Lemon' is over a foot tall with 2 or 3 long branches. In another month or 2 I will cut these back to encourage good branching. I had read that this variety can grow tall and lanky. Pruning regularly is encouraged. The root ball can be seen thru the drainage holes of the long skinny pot. The pot is probobly a foot long and then 3 in. wide at the top.

My 'Page' mandarin is about 10 in. tall. Also same sized pot, but this tree is loaded with flower buds, and new branch and leaf growth.

My 'Kishu' is t he only tree I am concerned about. It's about 8in tall, and it also is loaded with flower buds. Actually probobly more than the 'Page'. These flowers are in clustes like my grapefruit tree. IT also has a lot of new branch and stem growth.

I noticed when I was removing the moistened bark that the trunk has a yellowish band around the trunk. That concerns me. I don't know what would cause this, and I hope that it dissapears on its own.

I did email Carrie at Four Winds to let her know about my 'Kishu'. Besides that I am very excited about these little trees. I can see the potential that they all have to grow and become very nice fruitfull trees. I know that they will give me years and years of enjoyment!


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PICTURES! I need pictures LOL! I am living vicariously through you until I pull the trigger on my upcoming order. Did you get the 1 yo trees or the older ones?

So excited for you!


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I've always been impressed with their packaging. Yellow band? Possibly prolonged moisture from the bark and bleaching from lack of light to that area. Maybe planted a little too deep. I noticed mine the other day were quite moist and that the shaved bark was like a sponge. Both have so far weathered the transplant without any noticeable distress. In fact the limbs on the oro are sprouting new leaves. Good luck!

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Yes, it will be just fine Andrew!

They sent one like that on my Calamondin and it went away.

Good for you! How did I miss this thread? I am so happy for you Andrew. I can't believe that your plants are in bloom like that. Lucky you and enjoy buddy!

Pics please..I know, I


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