lemon tree not setting fruit

tommysmommy(Colorado)March 13, 2012

Hi all, jumping over from the brugmansia forum to ask about my potted lemon tree. I've had it for about 10 years and it has steadily declined in lemon production. Last year - one - see no evidence of fruit setting this year despite hundreds of blossoms. Any suggestions? It's a meyer, but sour as all getout!



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gonna need some info, such as potting mix, last time it was repotted, fertilizer schedule, how much light, indoors/outdoors, etc.

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Potting mix was probably something from a "potting soil" bag, last repotted probably 5 years ago. Fertilizer has been standard miracle grow all the houseplants get. Lives in a North/West corner window and typically has done better there than when I've put it outside for the summer. So now it stays in all year. I don't want to go up in pot size, it's big and heavy enough.

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after all the blooms are gone, you could try repotting. it's most likely very root bound, do a little root pruning. and maybe prune the top too. i'm thinking a large bonsai, do a search in the bonsai forum for citrus.

the tree itself may be doing ok at a NW location. I would suggest a S or SW location for more light for fruit. most citrus will bloom profusely, set a bunch of tiny fruit, then drop a bunch that it can not support.

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