Knockout rose and 'cherry' tidal wave petunia???

keenelander(z6KY)April 20, 2004


Do you think the "cherry" wave petunia is too pink and not quite the right shade for the knockout rose? I have group of 7 knockout roses planted on each side of the front yard. I am planning to border around the front of the roses with the combination of blue and white wave petunia. However I need some red color around the front entrance and also around the semicircle flower bed in the front center of the circular driveway. Keep in mind that the blue and white wave petunia will be planted all around the front border as well. The front of the house is facing west. I want the flowers that do not require dead-heading. I am thinking either use the cherry wave or may be the geranium. I'm a little concern about the geranium since I have only planted this in the container not in the ground. The cherry wave would be easier but the COLOR? The cherry wave will not be planted next to the roses though...probably about 10 ft. away. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


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kimmienflorida(Z 8 Tallahassee)

These are the Wave Petunias I have with my Knockouts, not sure which color is which. The lighter colored ones are not white, they're a very light liliac looking color.

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Kimmie: Very pretty combinations!

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