companion plant unfinished visual pic

QuinnaBrennanApril 17, 2014

i am a visual learner and so i created a visual companion plant image(VERY LARGE IMAGE) that is posted on from info i have gathered online and elsewhere. it seperates by color whether the center veggie is helped by a specific other veggie(or flower AkA marigolds, geranium, borage, etc)(dark blue), the center veggie helps a specific other veggie(or flower)(light blue), they help each other both or just general companion(pink), it is a bad companion(red), it is a sacrificial companion(black), or if I feel like experimenting on a specific set of companions(gray) . I was just wondering if anyone would like to look over the picture and tell me if there is any mistakes i made or corrections i should make or additions I should make to the image. Also I had a couple of companions that have conflicting info(about whether they are good or bad companions) and was wondering about those also(such as Okra + tomatoes, anise + basil, and more)

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

On my screen, enlarged several time, unable to read.

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