Companion Plants for Spirea Goldmound and Yellow Twig Dogwood?

marie2006April 24, 2007

I'm looking for evergreen shrubs that would look great behind Spirea Goldmound and Yellow Twig Dogwood.

The Spirea will be planted in front of my house where it gets full sun from noon through the rest of the day. I'm looking for alternatives to your typical evergreen foundation shrubs unless one of the typical ones will be the best companion to Spirea.

The Yellow Twig Dogwood will be in my backyard along the fence - my fence is a pale pine color so I thought an evergreen shrub behind it will make the yellow twig pop out more in the winter. That part of my yard gets full sun in the morning and is in shade by 5pm....

Any suggestions, comments, other advice will be greatly appreciated by this newbie gardener!

Thanks in advance!

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I planted three goldmound with a Ninebark Diablo (dark leaf) along with an Adams Needle Yucca. Then for winter interest Cotoneaster (creeping) over a retaining wall. I added an ornamental grass (Zebra Grass) for height
The Spireas do well with purple contrast. They bloom in June here in 6a and the pink it flowers looks nice with the Diablo behind them.
Behind all this as a foil I chose Japanese Yew
OMG... I hope that answers you question!

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