Cucumbers and cilantro or other herbs?

frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)April 26, 2009

I have been given a beautiful cilantro(coriander)plant. I am thinking about planting it where I had planned to put cucumbers. Are they compatible? What other herbs are compatible with cucumbers? I would like to plant basil, if that's a good match.

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Will you be trellising your cucumbers or will they crawl on the ground? Cukes are heavy feeders, so planting them with light feeders makes sense. I would encourage you to experiment with your combo and have fun!
This year I plan to trellis my cukes over my mesclun as shade. And I'll include marigolds, red clover, sage... and who knows what else?

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frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)

I will have them in the circular tomato cages. Right now the cilantro is not handling the full sun and heat, so it may not be there when I plant the cucumbers. I will keep in my to use light feeders with them.

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