Permaculture in South Carolina?

granolaeeter(7b/8a)June 29, 2011

Are there any South Carolinians practicing Permaculture?

I have recently become interested in it and started applying some permaculture techniques.

Lots to learn and I would like to connect with South Carolina gardeners who are doing the same thing. Many of the principles that apply to other areas, even as close as NC, don't really apply to us in South Carolina.

I would be happy to follow posts here or correspond via e-mail. I have started a very small hugelkultur bed and am applying some of the techniques to my existing beds.

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Permaculture is a wide ranging concept that includes simple things like urban green spaces and natural local agriculture techniques. Some of their stuff is reminiscent of the 70's ecology movement, concerned with sustainable resources. I'm not sure why there would be application differences between the Carolinas.

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An example would be using rhubarb in a guild - we can't use it here because it does not thrive in this area.

Neither does doing anything that involves using snow as an insulator or working with the frost line - we don't have one.

When I moved to SC in '87 I had to learn a completely different way of growing things and different cycles of planting. We don't plant our pansies, spinach, or english peas in the Spring if we want to look at them for very long or have any to eat - here they need to be planted in late summer or fall.

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